Kazzy the Kiddy - the next year or so

Life at Leconfield


We three older children attended Leconfield County Primary School and I remember loving it there.  We made some good friends here (some of whom we're back in touch with today thanks to the advent of technology and the internet), had a great time going out and about locally, and on various school outings.

I remember one of Katrina's friends taking us to Beverley swimming baths, where I learned to swim - thanks, Tina!  I also remember going on a day out with the school to Pickering Castle and Flamingo Park Zoo, where I recall getting absolutely drenched (along with other classmates) when we saw Cuddles the killer whale.  I remember, too, arriving home almost in tears as I had lost my headband that my mum had bought especially for that outing.  Ohhh, the little things that were problems to us in our childhood!

We had only been stationed at RAF Leconfield a few months when my brother, Kim - twin to my older sister, Katrina - was tragically killed in Arram (a village near the camp).  My family was totally devastated!  We buried Kim, and shortly after this, the RAF posted us to Scotland.  We've been back to visit Kim since, going as often as time and circumstances allow, and two of our very special friends whom we met during our time at Leconfield, Valerie and Brenda, go back and say 'hello' to him whenever they're in the area.  Indeed, they went back a few years ago and were kind enough to send us photos of his grave and headstone as well as the church.