Kazzy the Kiddy

Kazzy the kiddy - the first few years

I was born to my parents John and Betty, the fourth child (second daughter) of the five children born to them (their first, a son, was stillborn and a second son was to die in a tragic accident when he was nine years old) near the city of Lincoln, in England, which makes me a 'Lincolnshire Yellowbelly' and a 'Lincolnshire Poacher' - fun terms given to those born in the county of Lincolnshire.

I arrived in the 1960s, and as I grew up I was lucky enough to live in several different places, because my father was serving in the Royal Air Force.

Born in the RAF Hospital at Nocton Hall near Lincoln, my first home was at RAF Finningley, near Doncaster in the West Riding of Yorkshire in the north of England.  I joined Katrina and Kim (my older twin siblings) and later, Philippa joined us.  My parents lived there some 10 or more years, and lived in at least one caravan and two houses during that time.  I was taken home to the family home in Finningley where we spent many happy years.  We went back years later to look around the area we had lived in, and though the house was still there, it had been whitewashed and so looked totally different from how I remembered it, and as people lived in the house, we have never been able to look around inside it.  (The camp that was once RAF Finningley is now Doncaster/Sheffield Airport, aka Robin Hood Airport.)

All four of us children were christened at the church on the camp - the twins in one ceremony when they were little and, some years later, Philippa and I were christened together in a joint ceremony. I actually remember this; I remember our Godmothers posing with us outside the church for a photo, which we still have. Sadly, some years later, we lost touch with one of our Godmothers, whom we called Auntie Doreen, but we're still in touch with Auntie Dot, who lives up in Leeds with her family.

After years of living at Finningley, Dad applied for a 'change of environment' posting (which he was entitled to do as he'd been based at Finningley so long) and so we got our next posting through... we were to move to a camp just 56 miles down the road!  We were RAF Leconfield-bound!