Kazzy In Wyton

RAF Wyton - Canberra

Kazzy Returns to England

When our time came to return to England, Dad was posted to RAF Wyton.  We were to live on a camp located close to Houghton and Wyton, two villages that were pretty much joined together and situated in deepest Cambridgeshire in England's fenlands of East Anglia. If you get a chance, read up about the area - it's lovely there!

During our time here, we lived in two quarters: the first was 3-bedroomed and would normally have been ideal for our family with only we three daughters at home with the parents, but the rooms were small, so Dad applied for, and was granted, permission to move us to a larger house - a 4-bedroomed semi-detached house.  This house was wonderful - we loved it there, each of us girls having our own room!

Whilst we lived at Wyton, Philippa and I both attended St Peter's School whilst Katrina got herself a job, and we all made some good friends there.  I remember, sadly, Philippa breaking her collar bone here - and I actually suffered sympathy pains when she did it.  It was really painful for me, so I hate to think how bad it must have been for her!  The day she broke her collarbone was the day mum and dad moved our family belongings from Churchill Avenue to Kent Close, so sadly they were pretty much incommunicado during the time the school tried to contact them so it was I who accompanied Philippa to hospital.

Whilst I went to this school, I re-took my French O Level, to see if I could improve on the grade B I had got whilst in Malta.  I recall the head teacher being astonished (and somewhat incredulous) that I had actually taken (and passed!) my O Level already, before I got to St Peters - it took some insisting from Dad and from me during my entry interview to get him to be believe us, as it wasn't normal to do one's exams at such a young age.

All good things must come to an end, and by this I mean our family's time with the RAF.  Sadly, my father became ill and soon after this, he was medically discharged from the Royal Air Force. Shortly afterwards, the family moved to Dad's home town down on the Garden Coast of Kent.  We soon settled into life down south and before long, we girls had grown into women and we all had to decide on our next step: marriage or career (In those days, both weren't generally possible.)  Before too long, I started out in my first job... more of which - and me - you'll find by clicking on the links at the top of this page, or indeed the button below.