Welcome to the Habitat of the lesser-known Kazbat!

Hi!  I'm Kazzy.  I live in England, and I have two sisters (Katrina and Philippa), five nephews and nieces (Richard, Victoria, Scott, Lauren and James) and two absolutely adorable great-nieces (Eva and Orla), and I love every one of them dearly!  My family lives down here on the Garden Coast of England and it's been great having everyone in the family so close.

Being so near to mainland Europe, the towns and ferry ports of the Garden Coast have been important to immigrants and visitors alike over the years - I've travelled through the ferry ports and the Channel Tunnel a fair few times. If you want to know where the ports of Folkestone and Dover are, and the Channel Tunnel too, and to read more about them, click on the links.

Over the years, this website has been a project for me.  I've created it many times before, in different formats.  Now, I'm re-building it yet again and I'm hopeful that this time it might be permanent, though I do mean to add to it over the years as things change, develop and happen.

Please read and enjoy! :-) 

Feel free to email me if you have any queries: kazbatmobileATliveDOTcoDOTuk

Kazzy the Kiddy